Sometimes, especially when faced with several financial responsibilities, the best and smartest move is to go cheap. This includes making purchase decisions including Television sets. Just opt to buy a holdover HD TV – something simple with no frills. The main purpose of a TV is to keep you happy and entertained. For less than $500, you can get an excellent television between 39 and 50 inches. Of course, such an amount will give you an absolutely outstanding TV set with high picture quality.

Vizio 42-Inch Full-Array LED TV

Vizio’sSchtick models are some of the best TVs in the market. Most notably, they are gradually becoming famous among buyers because they are going fat very low prices. It may really seem like a mistake on the price tag but it is true that several models of the Vizio models go for less than $450. This is an incredible deal for a TV set with some of the features that come with the Visio 42 inch LED TV. Just to mention a few, the Tv has built-in Wifi, apps input ports among others.

Samsung 43-Inch Plasma TV

Picture-quality connoisseurs, Korea’s Samsung Company, have long hailed plasma sets. Of course, they keep up well with fast motion and offer deep blacks and sharp contrast. Most of the Samsung TVs in the market are affordable. Majority of buyers prefer the Samsung TV Sets for their picture clarity, sound quality, Wi-Fi, mobile content sharing among other superb features. In addition to these features, the Samsung 43 inch plasma TV has 2 HDMI ports.

Sharp 48-Inch Full-Array LED TV

This is another direct-lit LED HD TV that costs less than $500. Mind you, this is a big one! It is a 48-inch full array LED TV. It is a flawless model from Sharp Corporation. The main drawback, though the manufacturer is working on it, is lack of inbuilt Wi-Fi. Therefore, if you want to buy this one, you will need to have a set-top box for streaming. One of the best features of this TV is that is has a 60Hz with Aquomotion 120 capabilities that stimulate a higher refresh rate.

Panasonic 39-Inch LED

Despite Panasonic’s plasmas being considered the best in the last several decades, the company has shifted to an all-LCD lineup. They are now producing classy LCD TVs which are affordable to most of the families around the globe. For instance, the 120Hz edge-lit AS530 slim edition is one of the catchy versions of the Panasonic’s varieties of LCD TVs. The Panasonic Company is making 39 inch TVs look bigger than you would expect. The best features fitted to this TV model is Wi-Fi and mobile device content sharing.


Sony KDL 40-Inch LED

This edge-lit edition from Sony is a rarity for its sub-$500 prices. To be precise, its actual price is not more than $480. It has a slick design and it is among the most popular sets in this price range on CompareRaja. Notably, it comes with built-in Wi-Fi and plenty of inputs. Additionally, it has an eyebrow-raising 60Hz refresh rate but it has a feature that easily simulates a 240Hz panel.


You can skip the design aesthetic of the more expensive models and go for cheaper ones. You will be surprised to experience the same features on a cheap model.